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About Sehatvan

Sehatvan is a place for health rejuvenation and connecting with nature. Humans have entered into accelerated aging – specs at 10, hypothyroidism at 20, grey-hair at 30, diabetes at 35 and heart-attack and cancer at 40 are no more exceptions. This space is aimed at understanding the effect of re-activating body’s self-repair, reversing lifestyle diseases and slowing down aging.

Practicing Sustainable Architecture, it has been built using natural materials. In the long run it aims of becoming a food forest and engage in regenerative agriculture. Different sustainability techniques are being experimented and adopted for water, waste and energy management.

Sehatvan as a retreat centre and co-working space is open for workshops and programs for health, arts and society. We believe that the modern consumption lifestyles are becoming highly unsustainable. There is a need to try out and adopt alternatives to many aspects of life. Sehatvan is open for discussions and doing these experimentations. You can know about our past programs, click here.

Situated 25 km from Bhopal, it neighbours a forest of 6000 acres, with wildlife from the big cats to exotic dragonflies, signalling a healthy biodiversity. We have recorded 130 bird species in this area as of now. We intend to map the area for the jungle trees of Central India. Mankind has inherited all these wonders and it is our collective responsibilities to keep them going. What can you do at Sehatvan? Click to find out.


Sehatvan is 25km off Bhopal.

Reaching Bhopal:

Road: Bhopal, being the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is well connected with highways to major cities of Mp and neighbouring states.

Train: There are many direct trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. It is well connected by trains.

Air: Bhopal has direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi.

Reaching Sehatvan:

Public Transport
Train: Sehatvan is 1.5 km hike away from Bhadbhada ghat railway station. There are 4 passenger trains which run from Bhopal and stop at this station. None of the express trains stop at this station. I takes 25 mins from Bhopal to Bhadbhada Ghat

Road: From Bhopal Railway station: Take a shared auto to Bhanpur. Then take a shared auto from Bhanpur to Amoni (it goes via Sukhi sewanian). Alternatively one can take a bus or shared auto to sukhi sewanian and then one to Amoni.

IMP: 2km before Amoni, there is a ghat. Get down right after coming down of the ghat (two hairpin bends). There is a mud road going towards the left. Follow that till you reach a small stream (dries up in march-june). Cross that and follow the path on the left. Move till you reach sehatvan on your right. The whole path after you get down from the road is 1km. This path is motorable with a vehicle of high ground clearance (alto/swift is good enough)

Private Transport: Hire an auto from Bhopal Railway station to Amoni village. It shall charge INR 250-300. Take him through the mud road mentioned above.


Rahul karanpuriya of 52 Parindey visited and made a small video