Sustainable health and ideas

What can you do?

Join a program

Sehatvan organises workshops, retreats and gatherings related to health, arts and society. All the program are designed to involve one's head, heart & hands and deep connection with nature. There are regular programs by Diabetes Trust on reversing lifestyle diseases. See our future Programs.

Host a program

Sehatvan is open to be a hosting space. If you wish to host a workshop, a retreat or a gathering, we can collaborate. Contact Us.

Creative Residency

We are open to hosting 1-2 people at a time who wish to work on their personal projects related to art, media, technology, writing etc. The resident must commit a few hours every day towards community work around cooking, taking care of plants or other related farm work. Least duration is 1 week. A modest amount will be charged for food. Please write to us about with a brief about you and your project to us.

Sustainability Project

If you wish to work on a project idea that relates to sustainability (food, water, energy, plants etc), you are welcome to try it out at Sehatvan. If it connects with our needs, we can support with material, space and living.

Community Member

If you wish to take a break from the urban life and connect back to nature, this can be a good opportunity. You can join our team to developing Sehatvan, hosting programs, taking care of plants, working on water harvesting etc. In return, we will take care of your food and stay. This can be a good sabbatical from busy life and you can use the time to develop your hobbies too. Least duration is 4 weeks.

Short Visits

You are welcome to stay with us for a short visit or 3-4 days or a weekend. There are plenty of options for nature walks, bird watching, camping, working with mud, wall paintings etc. You will be charged towards food and stay.

Other ways to support us

If you like our endeavour, you can support us in other ways too -

Wish List

If you can giveaway, donate or sell any of the following equipment, please let us know.

*Seeds! - of traditional or varieities which don't require pesticide or chemical fertilisers. Especially those that need less water.

*Sleeping bags/Blankets

*Solar equipment - lanterns, panels, DC bulbs, inverter. We also wish for a solar setup for water pump

*Battery bank

*Bird caller


*Musical instruments