Volunteering at Sehatvan is a holistic way of learning about health, forest and self. It can be a good sabbatical from a rushed life into slowing down and building some new skills and stamina for your future.
We specially invite the young people to take this learning opportunity. This will help them in their life in multi-dimension. However age is no bar, everyone is invited to join.

You are welcome to volunteer for different periods –
For short periods, financial contribution towards living costs is also expected. Please contact us for details. If you are genuinely unable to contribute in money, talk to us and we’ll figure out a way for you to join. If you have special skillsets related to writing, video editing, farming or construction, we are willing to host you without any financial contribution

Remote Volunteering! (Do from home)
We need help to translate and subtitle our knowledge resources. If you are good at language then please write to us at [email protected]
You can exchange the time you contribute for free stay at sehatvan