Orientation Program

1. November 9-10
2. Nov 30-Dec 1

If you missed the 1st orientation program or are otherwise keen in knowing how do we propose shaping the rapidly growing wellness sector? Here is another opportunity. More so, as specialization have been added and age restriction dropped!

Admission Process

  1. Fill the Application form below
  2. Selected applicants will be invited to attend Orientation at Sehatvan, Bhopal - Oct 19-20 or Nov 9-10
  3. Finalised applicants will be invited to join the fellowship in 3 weeks.
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Details of the Fellowship

Why this fellowship?

200+ people have stayed at Sehatvan reversing their lifestyle and chronic diseases, building habits and attitudes towards a healthier lifestyle using “forest therapy”. Within 10-15 days, participants improved their biological age between 2 to 10 years.

Many stayed for more than what they planned for - to either work further on their own health and/or deepen their understanding of health and nutrition taking it forward. The benefits of the therapy countering accelerated ageing and early onset of diseases motivates younger participants to continue working on themselves.

Sehatvan has so far been an experimentation and is already at the forefront of disease-reversal and anti-aging research. To further deepen our research and take the idea of Sehatvan far and wide we are hereby inviting people to apply to our fellowship program.

We are launching “Sehatvan’s Fellowship in Wellness” for individuals looking forward to connect to their body and natural environment, and having an active interest in bringing their learnings to more.

Who Should Participate?

If you are looking forward to shaping the rapidly growing wellness sector or leading a medicine-free long and healthy life, you should apply. If you are already working in health, wellness or nutrition and wish to work further on yourself and your understanding then Sehatvan would be a great fit to your health as well as career.

This program is suited for professionals as well as non-professionals and there is no educational prerequisite. Ideally a participant should be between 15th to 30th year of his/her biological age, however, this is negotiable for highly keen individuals.

You will be provided with a certificate of participation at the end of each phase of the fellowship. You can choose to attend a part of the fellowship instead of the entire fellowship based on the interest and availability.

Current Fellows
  • Yogesh Shinde

    Satara, Maharashtra
  • Pragya Pushkar

    Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhur Anand

    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Duration & Induction

DURATION: Imbibing the spirit of Sehatvan and mastering the skills may take anywhere from 1 month to 9 months depending upon one’s background, learning speed and the desired levels of expertise.

INDUCTION: Subsequent to the orientation program those found having the appropriate acumen and minimum competencies shall be offered the fellowship. The prospective fellows shall be expected to join at their earliest convenient date not extending beyond one month of the orientation.

What are the Major Components?
Fellowship focuses on three major aspects but is designed to accommodate varied interests.
  1. Swastha : We start with our own health - not in isolation but in conjunction. We connect with our body, mind and the environment that we are a part of, assisted by the natural living spaces provided by Sehatvan.
  2. Sansara : While continuing to work on our health, we delve deeper to understand health and nutrition, enabling us to work with people for the next three months. Sehatvan with its visiting health seekers, provide a robust environment for observation and learning the techniques that can lead to healthier beings.
  3. Swadharma : This phase is to narrow down our focus and work in-depth on a problem that our heart reaches out for. Emotional health, child nutrition, reversing biological age, etc. or any other area that touches you, we work together and build a prototype inching closer to your personal vision.
How will I learn?

Sehatvan with its natural living spaces, visiting health seekers and “forest therapy” developed on the principles of Community, Nature & Autophagy (CNA) will serve as the major pillar of the learning. Course is being held under the supervision of Dr. Vipin Gupta who will individually spend time with each and every participant on their learning through personal and group conversations.

There will be no examinations, however all the candidates are required to maintain a rigor ensuring learning of the entire group.

Additionally, the participants will be helped to substantiate their learnings through various online resources such as Stanford’s Introduction to Food and Health, Yale’s Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body is Telling, Edinburgh’s Understanding Obesity, Copenhagen’s Diabetes - a Global Challenge to name a few.

Apart from health and nutrition, participants shall be encouraged to allocate their 1/3rd learning hours towards art, music, dance, psychology and other humanities.

Upcoming Weekend Workshopes
Calendar FOR OCT-NOV 2019
  • Oct 12-13 | Avoiding family diseases
  • Oct 26-27 | Achieving and maintaining optimal body weight
  • Nov 9-10 | Quitting diabetes, thyroidism and other endocrine disorders
  • Nov 16-17 | PCOD and women’s health
  • Nov 23-24 | Autoimmune diseases
  • Nov 30-Dec 1 | Loneliness, mood swings and depression
What is the Financial Contribution?

MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION: All inclusive monthly contribution towards food, stay and program shall be Rs 30,000/- and all fellows shall be given opportunity to opt for work-exchange worth upto Rs 25,000/- per month to subsidize their contribution. However, the work exchange shall be made available only after 1 month’s demonstration of the competence towards the tasks that Sehatvan can offer.

REFUND POLICY: You will require remitting the monthly contribution in advance. And if in the middle of a month you discover, or we find, that you should leave the Sehatvan/ Program, you shall be refunded on pro-rata basis.

SCHOLARSHIP: 2 partial(upto 50%) scholarships are availabile on need basis. Please apply below and email seperately for scholarship.

Specialisations to pursue?
  • Child Nutrition
  • Slimming & Body Shaping
  • Women’s Health
  • Biological Age Reversal & Longevity
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Inherited Diseases
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Diabetes Reversal
  • Terminal Care
Seats and Deadlines?

The first group shall have 5 participants. Applications are open and will be processed on a rolling basis. So earlier you apply, the more chances of you getting selected.

Meet the Expert

Dr Vipin Gupta is co-founder and managing editor of research publishing company Inventi Journals (P) Ltd. Between 1991 and 2014 he severed pharmaceutical academics and industry in India, Europe and America mostly inventing new medicinal products for various companies/ institutions including Himalaya, Banner Pharmacaps and Auburn University. During this tenure he established a Center of Relevance and Excellence under Ministry of Science & Technology (GoI); filed 20 patents and published/ presented over hundred research papers; and 6 doctoral scholars were awarded PhD degrees under his guidance. In 2011 he served as a resource for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on building academia-industry partnership framework for ICSU (United Nations).

He is still engaged in health research/ academics, rather more aggressively, although with a different outlook. Through his co-founded healing space Sehatvan he is researching body’s self-recovery mechanisms with respect to reversing diseases and aging process, and thereby, resetting the body in healthier states/ times. He does believe that over 90% of the current usage of medicines and surgery could be made redundant by fine-tuning body’s self-recovery functionality. More about his current work could be found at www.inventi.in and www.sehatvan.in

Guest Facilitators

We are in touch with the guest facilitators and will announce their availability once it is confirmed. Sehatvan is a home to people ranging from civil services, working on arts, environment and education and groups or meetups - opportunities which can be used to learn deeper.

  • Shobhali Thapa - Psychologist - Body Awareness and Body literacy

All those staying in the fellowship program for 3 months or more shall be awarded a certificate of participation. The certificate will also have a mention of the various online add-on courses as proposed in the syllabus.

Other Terms:

LIABILITIES: You shall be responsible for your own safety during the program and have to sign a waiver for the same. Full text of the waiver could be seen here.

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