Every living being is capable of self-repair. Lifestyle issues weaken our health repair capacity. Health-span is the period in a person's life without major illnesses. Sehatvan Aashram is carefully designed to give a new boost to life.

Do you wish to -
  • Feel confident about your future health?
  • Increase your stamina and feel stronger in your body?
  • Live a disease-free and medicine-free life
  • Lose Stress, Anxiety and Depression?
  • Boost your emotional health?
  • Try autophagy?

Join the 21-day
सेहत-आयु Course

The course has 2 parts -
  1. Starter / Orientation:
    This 3-day process is to develop basic understanding of health, diseases, lifestyle and your body. It will help you feel clarity and reduce confusion around health and diseases.
  2. Main Course:
    This 18 day process will enable you to strengthen your body and reverse existing health issues. You will de-stress, de-tox, repair and rejuvenate your system. It will develop your confidence and skill to take charge of your future health and happiness.
The course begins on the 1st of every month.
Registration closes on 15th of previous month.

Starter: 1-3 of every month
Main Course: 4-21 of every month.

See the vacancy for upcoming months

Starter: 5000 (Inclusive of registration, tuition and living costs)
Full Course: 15000

Disclaimer: Sehatvan is an ashram and not a medical institution. It’s a servant-free, self-serving, self-securing space located in a natural forest, and there might be possibilities of wildlife or natural calamities. सेहत-आयु course is aimed at boosting health and not diagnosing or treating diseases.

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About Dr. Vipin Gupta

A drug discovery scientist, he spent over two decades developing new medicines for various pharma companies in India, Europe and America. In 2011 he was invited by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at Nobel Museum, Stockholm to represent Southeast Asia. He co-founded a research publishing company ‘Inventi’ in 2010 and a self-healing space ‘Sehatvan’ in 2016.

‘Sahaj Sehat’ series carries the viewpoints of how body’s auto-repair capabilities can make use of medicines redundant in lifestyle diseases.



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