Every living being is capable of self-repair. Lifestyle issues weaken our health repair capacity. Health-span is the period in a person's life without major illnesses. Sehatvan Aashram is carefully designed to give a new boost to life.

What is Forest Therapy?
This is a healing process based on de-stressing, detoxing and rejuvenating the body. It helps in rebooting the self-repair system and also facilitates reversing of diseases.

Who can do it?
This programme is suitable for healthy people as well as those suffering from diseases. Healthy people can benefit by increasing their stamina and health-span while people suffering from ailments can reverse their diseases.

Who cannot do this?
Those who need constant medical attention, who have difficulty in walking and do not enjoy doing their own work.
Which diseases is the process helpful in?
Diabetes, BP(Hypertension), Heart issues, Stress, Thyroid, Obesity(weight-loss), Cancer(early stage & prevention), PCOD and other lifestyle and autoimmune diseases.

What is the procedure? How long does it take?
This process of Forest Therapy has been developed by health scientist Dr. Vipin Gupta and is based on CNA (Community-living, Nature and Autophagy) which can be done at Sehatvan. The duration progresses differently for everyone, based on your current health and healing ability.

About Dr. Vipin Gupta

A drug discovery scientist, he spent over two decades developing new medicines for various pharma companies in India, Europe and America. In 2011 he was invited by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at Nobel Museum, Stockholm to represent Southeast Asia. He co-founded a research publishing company ‘Inventi’ in 2010 and a self-healing space ‘Sehatvan’ in 2016.

‘Sahaj Sehat’ series carries the viewpoints of how body’s auto-repair capabilities can make use of medicines redundant in lifestyle diseases.

Duration Contribution (Inclusive of food and stay)
Half Course: 7 days 12000 INR
Full Course: 2-3 weeks 21000 INR
> *Early Bird Discount: 3000 INR/person if you book 15 days in advance of camp starting date.

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