Reaching Sehatvan:

Public Transport
Train: Sehatvan is 1.5 km hike away from Bhadbhada Ghat railway station.
Road: From Bhopal Railway station: Take a bus/shared auto to Sukhi Sewanian and then to Amoni.
IMP: 2km before Amoni, there is a downhill. Following two hairpin bends take the mud road going towards the left. Follow that till you reach a small stream (dries up in March-June). Cross that and follow the path on the left. Move till you reach Sehatvan on your right. The entire path after you get down from the road is a motorable mudroad of 1km.
Private Transport: Hire an auto/taxi from Bhopal Railway station to Amoni village. It shall charge INR 300-350. Take through the route mentioned above.


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सेहतवन, आमखो के पास
आमोनी गाँव, भोपाल
डाक: SDX 33 मिनाल रेसिडेंसी
जेके रोड भोपाल 462023
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