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You can join three kinds of program at Sehatvan:

Liteness Retreat

Sehatvan's Liteness Retreat is a 21 day program involving both home and forest modules. This hybrid model is designed keeping in mind people who face time constraints but would like to benefit from Sehatvan's approach in their lives. 

Home Module

Get one-on-one guidance at home to progress on personal + family health goals. Click to know more.

Sehatvan Forest Modules

Join one of the ten personally coached modules at Sehatvan Campus (Bhopal, India) with choice of your dates.

For Fitness (2-3 weeks)

For Health (2-4 weeks)

Not sure if Sehatvan's Programs are right for you? Schedule a 15-min counselling call with us to clear your doubts. 

Book a Counselling Call

You will be unable to participate with Sehatvan in the following situations:

  • You require critical medical attention and hospital facilities.
  • For any acute or infectious diseases.
  • You are unable to take care of your daily needs and require an attendant.
  • Lack of self-motivation to participate.

Forest Modules - List of Goals

There are 10 different personal forest modules that you can choose from.
First select your goal and then register for corresponding module:

Goal or Issue to be reversedModuleDuration
Recharge and experience SehatvanSehatvan Liteness Retreat1 week
AlopeciaAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Blood pressure issuesHeart Health2-3 weeks
Boosting Heart HealthHeart Health2-3 weeks
Build Physical StaminaEmotional & Mental Health 2-3 weeks
Building a similar eco-projectHappiness and Longevity4-6 weeks
Depression, AnxietyEmotional & Mental Health 2-3 weeks
Digital DetoxDigital Detox2 weeks
Early Cancer, TumorsAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Emotional balanceEmotional & Mental Health 2-3 weeks
Hypothyroidism & HyperthyroidismDiabetes, Thyroid & Obesity 2-3 weeks
LongevityHappiness and Longevity4-6 weeks
LupusAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Mild Cardiac BlocksHeart Health2-3 weeks
Multiple IssuesMultiple Issues3-4 weeks
Multiple SclerosisAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Pains & Aches - Joints, Back, NeckBoosting Vitamin D and B122 weeks
PCOD, Irregular MenstruationWomen's Health 2-3 weeks
Rheumatoid ArthritisAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Skin Allergies, Eczema & PsoriasisAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Teenage FitnessTeenage Fitness2 weeks
Type 1 DiabetesAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Type 2 DiabetesDiabetes, Thyroid & Obesity 2-3 weeks
VitiligoAuto Immune Health2-3 weeks
Weight LossDiabetes, Thyroid & Obesity 2-3 weeks


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