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Family Module

Sehatvan Liteness Retreat

Join us in the Sehatvan's Liteness Retreat while at your home, or in our in-campus…

Sehatvan Family Module 

A customized fitness-at-home module for your family.
Facilitated by Dr. Gupta & Sehatvan Team. 

Duration: 4 weeks
Medium: Online
Language: English or Hindi

Sehatvan Home Module

Personalized fitness-at-home module facilitated by Dr. Gupta & Sehatvan Team.

Welcome to Sehatvan!

Build Endurance. Slow-down Aging.
Change your being.

What Participants Say?

  • Home Module - Stamina, Lightness & Fasting

  • Happier way to weight loss

  • Learn to ignore

  • Willpower to Willingness