December 2017

Vit D Toning & Cancer Prevention

Dec 7-10
There are 2 bothersome scenarios emerging
#1 Over 80% urban adults, 90% urban women and 99% IT & banking professionals are Vit D deficient.

#2 There is a massive surge in diagnosed and undiagnosed cancer. Cancer cells prefer excessive carbs, oxygen deficiency, electromagnetic radiations and pesticides, and this is what we are now immersed in.

This twin workshop is aimed at understanding Vit D and toning it at one hand, and at the other, learning - how to escape cancer.

All are welcome to participate in this workshop, although it is particularly recommended for women, and professionals working in IT/ banking sector, and people with a family history of cancer.

Group size: 15
Workshop, food & stay contribution: INR 3000

PCOS and Women’s Health

Dec 10-13

Sedentary and non-reproductive lifestyle in urban women is adding to many health concerns, polycystic ovary syndrome or disease being the most common. Typical symptoms of PCOS include irregular or missed periods, ovarian cysts, weight gain, fatigue, hair thinning on head and growth at unwanted places, infertility, acne, mood changes, pelvic pain, headaches and sleep problems. Also women with PCOS have higher risk of getting diabetes, heart diseases and stroke as it is linked to having high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. There is no medical cure for this syndrome and the ideal way is reversing through lifestyle measures.

This workshop is aimed at finding lifestyle measures suited to individual needs and discovering doable means for practicing the same in urban settings.

Participation to this workshop is open for WOMEN(& spouses) ONLY.

The group size: 15
Workshop, food & stay contribution: INR 3000

Diabetes-Thyroid-Obesity Retreat

Dec 15-24

Sehatvan has a remarkable success rate in reversing diabetes, hypothyroidism and obesity. This has encouraged many people in going off-medication. Although the ideal period for achieving this ranges between 3 to 4 weeks, this 10-days workshop will help participants understand the diseases, their causes, and lifestyle measures that would enable to reverse them. Not only this, they will experience a substantial drop in their medication needs during the workshop itself. Those willing to complete 3-4 weeks stay subsequent to the workshop will be encouraged as the measures when pursued at Sehatvan are at least ten times more result yielding than compared to their pursuance at homes, in the cities.

This workshop is open to all.

Group size: 15
Workshop, food & stay contribution is INR 7500. Extended stay is available at INR 500 per day.  


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