Sehatvan now offers monthly lifestyle retreats covering most lifestyle diseases in 3 categories. You are welcome to join them as per your needs. In case of difficulty with the dates or duration, please contact 8602525887 or [email protected]

1 - 9| BP, Heart, Diabetes, Fat

Those suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary blocked, fatty liver or obesity can join this retreat. Depending upon your age and disease conditions you may require successive participation to achieve full reversal. Food, Stay and Program contribution Rs 7,500/-, Extended stay Rs 500/day

10 - 14| Autophagy, Anti-Aging, Disease-Proofing

This workshop is designed for those willing to understand anti-aging and disease reversal/proofing abilities of autophagy (the phenomenon that was honored with 2016 Medicine Noble). This workshop shall involve several technical sessions and hands-on experiences. Those willing to deeply go into the process should consider extending their Sehatvan stay for a couple of weeks. Food, Stay and Program contribution Rs 3,500/-, Extended stay Rs 500/day

10 - 17| Thyroidism, Autoimmune, Emotional Health

This retreat is particularly designed for women and young participants suffering from thyroidism, autoimmune diseases - asthma, allergy, lupus, hormonal and emotional issues, PCOS etc. Food, Stay and Program contribution Rs 6,000/-, Extended stay Rs 500/day


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