Type 2 Diabetes - Insulin Receptor Reactivation

Reactivating insulin receptors can lead to permanent reversal of diabetes. Watch this video to understand how this could be done.

Type 2 Diabetes - Insulin Receptors

Unlike the Type-1 diabetes Type-2 isn’t primarily a disease of pancreas, it’s a disease of insulin reactors wherein the receptors get blocked, deactivated or switched-off. Switching-on these receptors leads to permanent reversal of diabetes. The conventional treatment with herbs, anti-hyperglycemic medicines or with insulin itself only temporarily brings down the blood glucose level and doesn’t cure the disease. Watching this video will help you understand the functionality of insulin receptors.

Type 1 Diabetes - Prevention and Management

Diabetes is on the rise these days. There are three types of it – Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational. In this first video of the 4 episode series we discuses about Type 1 – its probable causes and preventive measures.

Oxygen-Rich Air

We cannot live without air even for 3 minutes. Each person needs 550 litres of oxygen every day. Increasing cars have reduced oxygen levels in city leading to feeling of suffocation. In homes with ACs, oxygen levels fall to dangerous levels. It’s urgent to take care of this issue.

Confused About Food?

Food is a major crisis these days. Our traditional food is very calorie-dense and isn’t suited to present-day sedentary lifestyle. Market-food is mostly junk and the healthy option of fruits and veggies is laced with pesticides and hormones. This video offers a food option that is healthy, tasty, economic and time friendly.

Are You Drinking Mineral Water?

These days several health-conscious urbanites are switching to bottled or RO water, which is a very dangerous trend. Most bottled and RO water has a TDS of less than 100 which is highly hypotonic, deficient in minerals, and disturbs body’s homeostasis leading to conditions ranging from cardiovascular diseases to hair fall. This video discusses water parameters and its required intake.


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