Sehatvan is offering its weekend workshops combining knowledge, skill and attitude for healthy living to all.

Monthly Calendar
  • 1st Weekend: Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Body Weight
  • 2nd Weekend: Quitting Diabetes, Thyroidism and Autoimmune Disorders
  • 3rd Weekend: Cardiac Health and Cancer Prevention
  • 4th Weekend: PCOD and Women’s Health
  • 5th Weekend: Loneliness, Mood Swing and Depression
  1. SMS your 'name' and the '< weekend and month> to 8602525887 and wait for confirmation
  2. Register your details in the form below.
  3. On confirmation arrive on Saturday by 9 am to depart at 4pm on Sunday
  4. Food, stay and program contribution is payable @ Rs 4000/- per person per weekend
  5. Mode of Payment
    1. Google pay/paytm/other apps - UPI ID - [email protected] - Rs.4000
    2. Instamojo payment gateway - Rs.4090 (Rs. 90 convenience fee)
    Program Flow:
  • SAT: 9-10 am arrival, 10-12 introduction, 12-2 lunch and rest, 2-4 Workshop part I, 4-6 evening workout, 6-8 dinner, 8-9 music.
  • SUN: 7-9 forest walk, 9-10 breakfast, 10-12 Workshop part II, 12-2 Lunch and rest, 2-4 closing circle.